Terroir and know-how

Lush green meadows where white cattle graze peacefully stretch as far as the eye can see – for it is here that the Charolais breed originated.

Take a break and taste our local produce; but first you will have visited the famous market in Saint-Christophe en Brionnais. Here, a picturesque sight is awaiting you: traditions that have been handed down over the centuries.
You will taste our
 top-quality Charolais beef, with its unequalled taste, accompanied by a wine from the Brionnais hillsides.

Goat cheeses, artisanal salad oils, Christmas turkeys are all part of the vast gastronomical palette.
Every Monday morning
 - since 1266 – don’t miss the colourful, bustling farmers’ market in Marcigny.

From custom to creation, the artists and art craftspeople reveal their know-how: wood, ceramic, faïence.
Pierce the art of pottery and escape into the magical world of the imps.