Montceaux l'Etoile

Montceaux l'Etoile marsh is a sensitive, preserved and organised space in the heart of the countryside.

Covering a total area of 6.5 hectares, it offers visitors the possibility of watching the wildlife and flora specific to this environment.

First preserved natural environment of the Département of Saône et Loire

Two organised viewing points: to watch without being seen, the bird-watching observatory and for an overall view of the site, the observation platform situated between the wet meadow and the marsh


the wildlife: the marsh is an eco-system where there is a diversity of habitats 
colonised by a variety of wildlife: kingfisher, European bee-eater, sedge warbler, common snipe, polecat, or the grass snake.

the flora: originally designed for hunting waterfowl, the marsh is characterised by its environment particularly suitable for the introduction of plants typical of damp environments and among them: loose-flowered orchids, water-violet, marsh meadow-grass.

Free admission all year.

Reminder: picnics, dogs and cars are prohibited

In 2015 :
Tours conducted by the Association Ornithologique et Mammalogique de Saône-et-Loire: Admission free, no booking required
Sunday june 14th and july 12th at 9 am. Meeting place at the site’s car park – Time required: 2–3 hours

Tours conducted by the Head of the Departmental team for the development and environment of Conseil Général of Saône-et-Loire: Free admission but it is necessary to book (48 hrs beforehand) - 6 pers. minimum:
July 9th and august 6th at 9:30 am

Thursday afternoons at 2 pm : from may 21th  to july 30th and from september 3rd to 24th
Outside these periods, visits can be organized for groups by appointment: - 03 85 39 76 57

To locate the car park and the path that leads to the marsh, click here:

Natural sites and unusual features

Protected from the pollution and bustle of the large cities, the Brionnais countryside offers nature lovers a varied and contrasted landscape.
You can stroll along the
 banks of the canal or the edge of the River Loire, the last wild river, climb the hills where the vineyards flourish, cross the lush meadows where the white cattle graze, admire the forests where roe deer and wild boars live; at the bend of a steep footpaths, superb panoramic views will appear before your eyes.

Sainte Foy

Situated on the hillside overlooking the village of Briant – access via Sainte Foy – the orientation table will allow you to discover the green meadows where the Charolais cattle graze, but also the typical villages and a good number of Romanesque churches that make this beautiful region so charming.
Vast panoramic view over the Brionnais and Charolais regions.