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One of The Most Beautiful Villages of France 
18th century town hall, inspired by the Petit Trianon 
Chapter house, 16th century painted ceiling. 
Find 17th century houses, line the square 
Château St Hugues (10th C.) where Hugues de Semur, the great abbot of Cluny was born
Collégiale St Hilaire 12th and 13th C: the last Romanesque church in the Brionnais region, influenced by the architecture of Cluny.


Semur's website :

Self-guided tour

Guided tour for groups: old town + château (time required: 1h)
Information: “Les Vieilles Pierres” – Château St Hugues 
Phone number -  




Self-guided tour of the town (plan available at the Tourist Office and at the Tour du Moulin Museum)








Commemorative stele to the Resistance at the place named "Bagneaux"

Homage to Jean Moulin, General Delestraint and Christian Pinwater who landed secretly in Melay, during the night of 19-20 March 1943.

Grand point wine press dating back to 1683 originally at the château de Maulévrier (7m long – 3.60m high) visible at the Espace du Presevening.

Contact: Town hall - Tel: 03 85 84 04 84


“Village protégé” (protected village) 
Houses typical of the Brionnais region, washing places, roadside crosses, dry-stone walls.

“Sentier de l’Imaginaire” (footpath of the imagination)
Oyé is a stopping place along the “sentier de l’imaginaire”, with its “GENESE” sculpture Place de la Fontaine